The CreAddict Collective was founded in 2016 with hopes to unify local creatives. We aim to push positive vibes and give faces to our city's shadows through creative collaborations and community outreach endeavors.  

 We are unique by design. The scope through which we view the world is multifaceted, yet focused on constructive energy. We can be as spontaneous as the leaf that dances with the wind, filled with aspirations to make anew its perception of the sky. Or, we can be as calculated as the neurotransmitters that serve as advocates of life, in telling the heart to beat. 

We promote individuality in that all creatives have purpose in molding our future and honoring our history. CreAddicts accept and embrace the process by which new ideas, concepts, and art pour out of souls onto mankind's canvas. 

We exist to explore the sometimes intricate sentiments associated with self and the environments in which we live. In our transparency, we aim to expose sentiments such as pleasure and pain through an array of creative mediums to illuminate the faces in the shadows and liberate the silent.
We will determine what tomorrow looks like for the rest of the world. We live for invention and exude positive mental, physical, and spiritual growth. We are the CreAddicts. 

What Is A CreAddict?