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“CreAddicts, exist somewhere between yesterday and tomorrow. 
For we capture the history of the past and paint
what the future looks like for the rest of the word.”

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Trina Machelle

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A vocal powerhouse and brilliant poet, singer-songwriter Trina Machelle embodies the soul of a Sunday morning choir mixed with the grit of the Memphis block. Product of the City of Blues and the crooning of soulful artists such as Whitney Houston, Sam Cooke and Johnny Taylor, Trina Machelle's music and lyricism paint pictures and connects us through heartfelt tales of celebration, heartache, joy, grief and love.

Trina is founder of the CreAddicts creative collective, a collaboration of artists of all mediums to promote exploration, engagement and exposure of artistic expression in the community. She was nominated Best Rising Neo-Soul Artist of the Year at the Gifted Artist Neo-Soul and Poetry Awards, as well as a frequent performer and collaborator in her hometown of Memphis, TN, Chattanooga, Nashville, and the surrounding area.

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